Mineral of the Month!

Schorl Tourmaline

w/ old label from The Rocksmiths company. No longer in business.

ex John Watley

Picture of Schorl Tourmaline and Calcite clam to the right (purchased from Dixie Euhedrals/Dig for Crystals) courtesy of Rodney Moore.

Field Trip Reports:
Me at Ruck's Pit

From time to time, I go hunting for rocks, minerals and fossils all around the world. I publish my trip reports here:

Ruck's Pit - March 11-12, 2006

Little Pine Garnet Mine - June 6, 2006

Ray Mica Mine - June 7, 2006

Rucks Pit - November 18, 2006

Peace River - March 20-22, 2014



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